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Welcome to the Sport of Scent Work!

Did you know that dogs have an extremely keen sense of smell compared to humans? Scent Work is a competitive sport that converts your dog's favorite pastime- Smelling- into a fun activity. All breeds, sizes, and ages can enjoy it, and it's a great sport to help your dog gain confidence.

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Four Reasons to Start Scent Work

In the sport of scent work, your dog can use their natural ability to identify odors. Scent Work trains your dog to recognize a number of essential oils, including birch, anise, and clove, using the same methodology as detection dogs that learn to distinguish scents such as narcotics or explosives.

  1. Natural Ability: A dog's nose works very differently from ours. They have separate nostrils that are capable of smelling distinct things. A dog can actually identify certain scents, including the ingredients in food you prepare.
  2. Beneficial for ALL dogs:  Scent work is unique. All dogs can participate in this sport, regardless of their age, breed, or level of physical fitness. Your dog is free to search for the secret odor at their own pace. Scent Work is open to all canines, even those who are blind or deaf.
  3. Mental Stimulation: Lack of mental stimulation often leads to boredom, which frequently leads into problematic behavior.  Your dog must focus and exhibit concentration in order to successfully locate the odor. They will gain confidence and begin to love the Scent Work game as they master their new skill.
  4. Do it Solo: Some activities you can perform with your dog require additional people, pets, or equipment in order to be successful. What makes Scent Work so appealing is you can do this exercise with your dog anywhere—at home, in the yard, in the neighborhood, or at the park—and all you need to bring is the hide containing your essential oil. 

Scent Work


Top features

  • Distinguish Scents
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Teamwork/Bonding
  • Enjoyable!
  • Versatile
  • Mobile

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** Only Accepting Obedience Graduates at this time