Real-world Dog Training- Any Breed, Age, Size, or Issue!

Hello, I'm Frank.

Founder & Owner of Alpha Obedience Dog Training. Over the past two decades, I have had the privilege of meeting and helping thousands of clients. I love being able to see a change not in just the dog but the owner as well. I have the most rewarding job, getting to meet so many people and dogs, and helping them live their best life. Not to mention, I get to do it all with my wife, daughter, and sister by my side, we make quite the team! I've seen it all when it comes to dogs. I promise you if you do what I teach you at home, you will have great success!

It all started many years ago with my best friend, my inspiration- Loki

Loki was my long-haired German Shepherd with an astounding blood line. It was through him that I learned so much. Not only how to understand a dog's drive and what makes them work, but also how to be patient and committed. He was the best dog I have ever trained, and I am ever so grateful for him and the bond we shared.


Our Training Philosophy

Alpha Obedience employsĀ full-spectrum training.
Although each dog is different, the way a dog learns is consistent.Ā 

We are experienced in all areas of dog training, whether it is rewarding the dog or offering required corrections. We don't just overlook undesirable behaviors; we seek to overcome them in order to create a positive experience.

All of our training focuses on building confidence, creating attainable goals, and rewarding consistent behavior.
Fear or intimidation are never used to train our dogs.

The bottom line is, having a good relationship with your dog requires engagement, structure, and clear communication.We are here to train your dog, and educate you.

Meet our pack!


Assistant Trainer/Owner

Hi, I'm Bianca, Frank's sister. I've always loved dogs and have been lucky to learn from my brother. I've been mentored and trained under him for 8 years, and continue to learn from the best! I have 2 dogs in my pack, Mikey's sister Diamond, and a lab Reno.


Assistant Trainer/Owner

Hi I'm Ashley, Frank's wife & Callie's mommy. I've had dogs my whole life and always found dog psychology interesting, but it wasn't until I met Frank that I truly was able to understand my dogs! We have 2 dogs, a GSD named Mikey, and a lab named Scout.

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