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Dog Training Equipment: Benefits and Drawbacks of Harnesses for Pulling Behavior

equipment Jan 14, 2023

One of the most crucial factors to take into account when training a dog is the equipment you use.  

Although many dog owners choose harnesses to deter pulling behavior,  they are not the ideal choice for training.
The biggest issue with utilizing a harness during training is that it impairs a dog's sense of touch and ability to react to leash pressure. 

A harness makes it more difficult for the dog to comprehend what is being requested of it because it uniformly distributes the pressure across the dog's chest, when dogs are actually led by their necks. ( think back to puppies, when the mother picks them up by the scruff of their neck). 

Dogs have opposition reflex, meaning when you pull them one way, they move the opposite way (sled dogs pulling a sled use what…. A HARNESS !) 

Both the dog and the owner may become frustrated and perplexed as a result- when you think you’re doing everything you’re supposed to, but you’re actually making it worse !
This isn’t to say harnesses don’t have their place, such as hiking or a backup tool, but it certainly will not help with the pulling issues you’re facing. 
It is recommended to use proper training equipment that we will discuss at your first class. 


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