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We are training YOU, not your dog

philosophy Mar 08, 2022
You know the saying, “you put in the work, you’ll see results”.
That goes hand in hand with our training philosophy.
Sure, we are training your dog, but more so, we are training YOU !!!
We don’t go home with the dog, you do.
You want to see results? Then YOU have to do the work at home.
Training is commitment. Dedication. Effort. Taking responsibility for being an owner. Doing your part. Your dog didn’t choose to be your pet, YOU chose your dog.
Too many times, we see owners expecting immediate results just because they come to training. That is NOT how it works. Your dog WILL perform and work for us, but whether or not they do at home is up to YOU.
If you are interested in training, you must also accept the responsibility of doing your part.We have trained many, many, many dogs, and owners, and have prided ourselves on our methods.

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