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What you'll NEED for a new puppy

puppy Jul 27, 2022

You're bringing home your new puppy in a few weeks, what will you NEED?

1. Food 

This seems like a no-brainer. But how do you know which food is best for you? Food is marketed with many different names like "large breeds", "puppies", "Sensitive Skin", etc. You will most certainly need a food specific for PUPPIES. You also could use "large breed puppy" food if you have a large breed dog. We recommend to not opt for "Grain Free" food, as it has been linked to a heart condition in dogs. (Do your own research) We currently use Purina Pro Plan Focus for our dogs.

2. Crate

Crates have a bad stigma. Dogs are denning animals in nature, if you think of wolves in dens, a crate replicates a "den" to the dog, which creates it as a safe place for them. If you ever need to have your dog stay over at the vet or are in an emergency situation, it is important for your dog to be comfortable in a crate. They come in all shapes and sizes. Fabric styles can get ripped, and stained, so probably not the best choice. Some dogs are escape artists and can get out of the wire crates (since they are collapsible, and not super sturdy). Hard plastic crates are your best bet. They are durable, easy to clean, and sturdy.

3. Collar

We recommend a training collar AND a flat collar. A training collar will help with leash manners, while a flat collar will hold important things like rabies tags, or owner information.

4. Leash

Many people get a retractable leash, this is a big NO NO! We have seen many times,  a dog breaks the leash so quickly and easily, especially when they get older and bigger. Instead, we recommend a regular flat leash, 6 feet in length.

5. Toys

We all know puppies love biting and chewing! Instead of letting them gnaw on your hand, get some toys they are able to chew on. Be mindful of size and material. You don't want your dog to choke on anything if they destroy it, so we recommend to give them toys that are durable and monitor them while they are playing with them. 

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